Instructions about the driving recorder CD400

 Tachograph programmer CD400

Calibrates and programs all analogue
and digital tachographs up to the Smart tachograph (1C/ Gen-2)

New functions
– High accuracy W measure with photo sensor
– Multi W measures with calculation of the average
– Support of the DTCOSIM

Multi language
English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Nederlands, Português, Italian, Polish,Turkish, Romanian, Serbian, Russian

– No power connection nor battery charging required, the only tester powered by the tachograph itself.
– Compact size, the smallest tachograph tester on the market.
– User friendly, clear 4 lines menus, no training required.
– Automatic tachograph model detection on power on.
– Double accuracy of the W factor measure on track by detecting half pulses.
– The only tester being able to reset the odometer and change the sender type on the VR2400..

Supported tachographs
Analogs: KTCO 1314/1318, Motometer EGK100, FTCO 1319, MTCO 1324/1390, TSU 1391, VR2400.
Digitals: DTCO®4.0, SE5000, SmarTach, EFAS-4, DTCOSIM.

Main functions
– W figure determination on measuring track (with optional photo-cell) or rolling road.
– K figure measure on KTCO 1314, KTCO 1318 and FTCO1319.
– Calibration and parameter programming.
– Speed simulation and customizable automatic test diagram.
– DTCS reading (Digital) and erasing.
– Sensor pairing (KITAS activation).
– Clock accuracy test.
– Workshop card’s PIN recording and input through CD400.

Functions description
4.1. Measure W
4.1.1. Manual

1. Check the track length.
Tachograph programmer CD400-1

Press F3 (OK) to go on, or press F1(MODIFY) to change
the track length.

Tachograph programmer CD400-2

to set the ‘Track length’, enter the new value and press ‘Ent’.

3. Press F3 (START) and drive the vehicule along the track
Tachograph programmer CD400-3

4. At the end of the track, press F3 (STOP).
Tachograph programmer CD400-4

The W factor will be calculated as a function of the pulse count and the
track length.

5. Press F3 (K FACTOR) to access K factor setting.
Tachograph programmer CD400-5

Tachograph programmer CD400-6

6. The closest value from the K factor
table of the 1318 is displayed with
the corresponding switches
Press ‘Esc’ to go back to main menu.

7. Present K factor will be read from the tachograph and displayed.
‘NEW K’ is the W factor that has been measured and should be recorded
as the new K factor.
Press F2 (YES) to
record it or F3 (NO) to leave it unchanged.

8. If ‘YES’ has been selected previously, the new K factor will be read
back from the tachograph.
This factor can modified manually if required pressing F3 (MODIFY).

4.1.2. Photo Sensor
The W measure with a photosensor is exactely the same as in manual mode, except that the ‘START’ and ‘STOP’
pulses are generated by the sensor. In photo sensor mode, the ‘F3’ (START & STOP) will not be active.
You can connect any photo sensor using a MiniDIN 4-pins connector connected to the left connector of the
– Shielding: Ground (GND 0V).
– Pin n°2: photo sensor signal (the signal should be low when the reference
object/reflector is not detected).

4.1.3. Rolling road.
[Under development]
4.1.4. Constant speed.
[Under development]

4.1.5. Draw-wire.
[Under development]

4.1.6. Odometer (only for digital tachographs).
[Under development]
Using the odometer parameter to measure the W factor does not require the workshop card.
Therefore, this function can be useful for transport companies or for the authorities.
The latest is calculated by measuring the distance driven by a vehicle when the high resolution odometer is
incremented by

4.2 Measure K
This function is available only for the K1314/1318 and the FTCO 1319.
Measuring the K factor takes a few seconds.
The value is updated every time the progress bar is completed.

4.3. Parameters
The parameter list is available
Tachograph programmer CD400-7 Tachograph programmer CD400-8

Package included:
1pc x CD400 – Tacho Programmer
1pc x Cable for 1319
1pc x Cable for 13ХХ/1318, V.Root 8400
1pc x Cable for EGK-100
1pc x Cable for 1324
1pc x Cable for V.Root 2400
1pc x Cable for CA-RS232-1
1pc x Cable for Digital Tacho
1pc x Manual

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