Dear all,
As we all know SIS is very important for us , I have got you a gift 🙂

Caterpillar SIS 2014 FULL CRACKED with Dealership License.

Heavy Duty Diagnostic Tools Dowload SIS 2014A Torrent File

File Size: 111 GB

Installation Procedures: Included

Files List;
16 Complete DVDs

Here is a basic guide to assist people in getting their SIS up and running.

First make sure you have every thing you need.

1. CAT STW sw
2. RERR install disk(for data disks)
3. Data disks
a. If you only work on “on highway” equiptment you only need disk 1
b. if you downloaded the disks they will need to be extraced and made into vitual cds.
4. A user login file( .xml file)

Install steps

1. Install STW
2. Licence STW ( with kg or post licence code and someone will help with a key)
3. import user login file ( .xml file)
a. open sis, click import user
b. click browse, find the SISusers xml file (make sure it is the doc not an arcive)
c. a screen will appear, check the user name and click import.
d. a login screen will appear, type in user name and pass
e. click login and done.
4. Install RERR disk
By now you shoud have STW/SIS almost working, you can login just cant look up anything.

The Data disks.

If downloaded they will need to be extraced and/or made in to vitual cds, sis doesn’t work with rar files.

You can go from here a few different ways.
a. make a vcd of each extracted disk and keep them where you keep your vcds
b. burn real cds and insert them as nessesary
c. leave them in the folder they were extraced to, in the folder will be a vcd image, this is what you will insert in your vcd drive.

What ever way you choose will work.

When you run SIS to look some thing up SIS will tell you what disk is needed and in what drive to put it in.

Remember try not to get

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