CAT ET iii Wifi Wireless Caterpillar 317-7485 Diagnostic Adapter with caterpillar et 2015a software

CAT ET iii Wifi Wireless Caterpillar 317-7485 Diagnostic Adapter with caterpillar et 2015a software.

Autonumen new function of CAT ET 3 with WIfi. CAT ET III Wifi Caterpillar Scanner New featues and Function.

CAT ET 3 Wireless Adapter III WIFI CAT3 Communication Adapter III
Autonumen CAT ET III Wifi Caterpillar Scanner Features:

Display graph and log status parameters.
Retrieve prognostic data including histograms, engine totals for fuel used and miles traveled.
View active diagnostics and clear logged diagnostics. View events where irregularities have occurred and have been logged by the ECM.
Perform calibrations to enhance performance of the ECM.
Customize the ECM with application-specific settings.
Over 100 custom Diagnostic, Information and Service features including:
2D and 3D Histogram plotting capability (engine software support required).
Custom Status screen groups
Snapshots (Download from Autonumen and display snapshot data recorded by the ECM)
Configuration Aid that allows upload/download of same configuration to multiple control modules
Customised Service Tool Options
Customized service tool name
Customized graphics for the splash screen and icons
Customized installation
Aftermarket differentiation, the tool for one customer does not work on the product of another customer.
Licensing options for customer management
Flash programming of the ECM(s)
Training demonstration allows familiarity with the toola s primary functions without connecting to ECM(s)
Major operating systems support (Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, 2000, ME, & XP)
Perform customized diagnostic tests to identify harness problems, cylinder or component failures (Automatic Cylinder Cutout with cylinder to cylinder fueling comparison)

2015A Caterpillar ET3 Adapter III Communication From Autonumen:

1. Allows communication between service tools and engine controls using various data links such as J1939/11, DeviceNet (future release), CAT DataLink, and J1708 (ATA) vehicle networks;
2. Flash program allows adapter firmware upgrades as additional features become available;
3. Uses J1939/11, high-speed data link (part of ADEM III controls), substantially reducing flash times;
4. Automatically selects J1939/11 when flashing the engine (reduces the flash time approximately 80%, from 14 minutes to 3 minutes).Newly Wifi CAT ET iii Wireless Caterpillar 317-7485 Diagnostic Adapter

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