BMW E46 DME Update by WinKFP Guide+ Import Daten files Q&A

This blog is a step-by-step guide for BMW E46 DME Update DIY by WinKFP. First to download BMW INPA EDIABASWinKFP BMW Coding Tool NCS Expert all programs you need!

How to update BMW DME Module using WinKFP easily?
Tool needed:
BMW ICOM A2 or cheap INPA K+DCAN Cable

Before you start, you should firstly import the daten files cirrectly! Or the update will be fail.
Check below case:
I have run into an issue after installing WinKFP 5.3.1
I have INPA running ok, import the SGDA (.IPO files), ECU (.PRG files) and assembly line data. After choosing “Comfort Mode” -> “Update ZUSB”, there is nothing on the “ECU family”. It’s empty.
Do I import the files incorrectly? Any solution please?

Solution 1. You can use WinKFP Tool to import the daten files. Here is a guide for your checking.!5ohmVaZY!gsNV0nRe4_QJCv19clRPwFOHH7mgcsShb8MNP6ksq54
Solution 2. You can also import daten files via BMW coding tool. It’s tested working.

Steps to Update BMW DME using WinKFP:
Connect BMW E46 car with laptop via BMW ICOM or BMW INPA K+DCAN.
Open WinKFP.
Click F1 button “Comfort mode”.
Click F3 button “Update ZUSB” and you get a box displaying ECU families.
pull down the drop-down list to choose the ECU family (MDS42 for MS42, MDS43 for MS43, MDS451 for MS45.1, etc.), click OK.

Click F4 button “Enter VIN” and input car VIN number.
Click “Done”, which goes back a screen.
Click F3 button “Prog ZB-Update”, and you should get a box that displays your current ECU version and suggests an update version.

Click “Yes” and you get another box asking permission to program ECU.
Click OK and the update begins.
It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete for MS42/43, 45 minutes for MS45.1.
At the end it tells you that the programming was OK.
Reset adaptation values using INPA or PA Soft after it is done.


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