Vas5054a and vas 6154, which vag diagnostic tool to choose?

vas5054a is the popular obd2 diagnostic and programming tool for vag vehicles. vas6154 is the oem vag diagnostic tool from China company. vas 5054a vas 6154 has the similar appearance and functions. some customers wonder which vag diagnostic tool to choose, vas5054a oem or vas 6154?

vas5054a vas 5054a obd2 vag diagnostic tool
Vas5054a and vas 6154, which vag diagnostic tool to choose-1

Vas6154 vas 6154 diagnostic tool for audi vw

Vas5054a and vas 6154, which vag diagnostic tool to choose-2

vas 6154 and vas5054a vag diagnostic and programming tool both can work with odis software, and support audi vw vehicles.

What’s the difference between vas 5054a and vas 6154 vag diagnostic tool?

Firstly, they support the different connection method:

VAS 6154A: connected via USB, WIFI
VAS5054A: connected via USB, Bluetooth

secondly, they have some difference in Vehicle list:

VAS 6154 supports VW, Audi, Skoda vehicles from 2000 year to the newest & future car models;
VAS 5054A supports VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Bently, Lamborghini.

Thirdly, Software compatible:

VAS-PC V19: VAS 6154 CANNOT support it! use vas-pc v19 with VAS 5054A SP33-D only.
ODIS: VAS 6154 only works with ODIS 3.0.3 or newer; VAS 5054A can work with odis new or old

Fourthly, Remote programming:

As for remote programming through VAS-PC software, you have to use VAS 5054A or VAS 5055 head. The VAS 6154 cloned head only works with obdii diagnostics and online programming.VAS 6154 clone and VAS 5054A china clone share the same features:Both working with ODIS service software crack.

Finally, if you need vag diagnostic tool for new cars, you can choose vas 6154, while if you wanna work with old vas-pc v19 software, you have to choose vas5054a for more band cars.

If you have more questions about vas 5054a and vas 6154 vag diagnostic tool, please contact us freely!

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