The High quality CNH DPA5 adapter Firmware Update

If you encounter an issue where the CNH EST diagnostic tool prompts you to update the firmware of your CNH DPA5 adapter due to an outdated version, this guide will assist you in resolving the problem. When connecting the adapter to both your PC and machine, the software will notify you of the need for a firmware update. To update the firmware for your CNH DPA5 adapter, follow the steps outlined below.

Notice:Only high quality CNH DPA5 adapter support firmware update,some fake version can not update,it will prompt error during updating.

Below picture show high quality CNH DPA5 adapter PCB

This software in your DPA5 protocol adapter must be updated before you can use the EST.

This will take about two minutes to complete.The EST will restart automatically after the update

Please click on OK to update the DPA5 now.

Now update processing

Do not disconnect power until update is completed.


Your firmware has been successfully updated.

You may now reconnect to your application

CNH EST diagnostic software show hardware and software version information after updating.

Hope the above information is helpful to you. More repair cases for New Holland machine,please refer to:New Holland Trouble Repair

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