Tech II is a GM specific scanner

Tech II is a GM specific scanner (and likely Saabs built in the GM years.) To program a key fob on my ’03 Saturn Vue requires a Scan II device. I luckily got a small town Chevy dealership to do it for free. Not exactly free… I needed a proper key cut since the only one that came with the used car purchases was really warn. The right way was to get a key made at a dealership using VIN information. Charged $8 for a none chipped, plain metal, black plastic head key ($1.99 elsewhere) except for the whole VIN thing. I got him to program a clicker fob for no extra charge.

After on the year without having publishing any kind of new motor vehicle equipment merchandise Nokia have got simply just publicised your CK200 Key Programmer Hands and wrists Free Motor vehicle Equipment. Your equipment may be designed in order to compete with Nokia’s greatest competing inside Bluetooth industry Bird who has CK3100 motor vehicle equipment may be the very best among around European union for much more in comparison with couple of many years.

As we all know that VETRONIX Tech 2 gm scanner CANdi module interface need to work with gm tech 2 scanner. But one customers feedback that using the tech2 candi interface on 2011 Chevy Silverado Diesel and 2007 Corvette, got the message, ” CANdi module was not detected for Tech2 (or MDI is not connected to Tech2Win)” when the CANdi module was actually properly connected, and during the sequence it clicks twice, and the light flashes yellow. Here sharing Solution of CANdi module interface not detected for gm Tech2 error.

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