How To Install Sofetware Of GM MDI

Before you start to install the GM MDI Software, you should know your computer system. The software requires the computer system should only be Windows XP Service Pack 3. If it is this kind system,then you can start the installation of software after you complete the installation of your computer system patch.

First,open the folder of Professional Diagnostic Tools GM MDI software, double click the “CD_Start”, then you will see a dialog “GDS2&Tech2win Installer”, just click “Install” to continue. The system will install something automatically, when they are finished, please click “next step”.

Second, after there appears “Copying PCMCIA files”, please remember don’t press any keyboard or your mouse, the GM MDI USB driver will install automatically. What you need to do is just wait until the program all complete and there shows “please press any button to continue” on the screen, after you press any button, the screen disappears and it means you have finish a part of the installation.

Third, you should use GM MDI USB cable to connect the GM MDI with your PC and you don’t need to connect it to the OBD diagnostic socket of your vehicle. Because this is the first time to connect the GM MDI with PC, there will appear a “Found new hardware” at the right and buttom corner of the desktop, please click “Automatically setup” and then “next step”.

Fourth, when the USB driver installation finish, click My Computer-property-Device Manager under Port, you can find “MDI USB Device(COM4)”. Open the “GM MDI Manager” at the desktop to connect and test. If the USB driver is installed successfully, MDIs will be detected and no RED X. If it is not success,the screen will display “No MDIs Detected” and you need to repeat the installation. This program will identify ID number automatically, click “Connect”, it will connect to PC. Connect the PC to internet, and get authorization for the software by the saler’s remote control assistance.

Then when you gey authorization for the GM MDI software, connect GM MDI to the vehicle OBD diagnostic socket, then click the icon of diagnosis at the main interface,choose the right manufacture, model and year, then click “Enter” or manually input the VIN, it will read out the vehicle information automatically. Now there have some diagnisis you can test,which include “Module Diagnosis”, “Vehicle Diagnosis”, “Dialogue Manager and System Diagnosis”, you can choose what you want to test.

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