Benz MB STAR Xentry Diagnosis cannot save Starkey

Starkey Manager error occurred when activating the Mercedes Benz MB STAR (MB SD Connect Compact 4, Super MB Star, Star C3 multiplexer) XENTRY diagnostic software.
Save not successfully
licSaveLicense XEBTRY Diagnostic
13-Store operation tried to save a Starkey which id older than an existing Starkey with same application ID
Possibility of using fake old Starkey with higher permissions”

1) Incorrect computer time. Set the computer time to current time.
2) Delete “lic-key2.dat file” in Disk C (C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataLicDir), re-activate the Star diagnosis XENTRY software
3) Provide the LAN-ID (i.e 0800016096B4) and APP ID to calculate the Xentry key. You should provide HW-ID and APP ID instead.
4) Provide the wrong HW-ID (i.e. 06EDAFC4E276) or APP ID (i.e 250), so got the invalid activation Starkey correspondingly.


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