I would introduce Mb Star C4 diagnostic tool for you reference

MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star
MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star


I would introduce Mb Star C4 diagnostic tool for you reference. It is the professional Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool, and recognized the best MB star diagnostic tool, this kind of MB star compact 4 is the newest lately Mercedes Benz diagnostic tool, support the car year after 2000. In fact, the MB star c4 is the updated on Mb Star C3. MB star c4 is more compatible than MB star c3. It is cover the all function of Benz star c3.

The speed of data intensive diagnostic processes, for example when flashing and coding control units, can be increased by SDconnect (depending on the vehicle model series and number of control units).Reliable combination The user controls SDconnect via the Star Diagnosis system. The central software on the diagnostic system(SDnetControl) combines all the important functions for operating the SDconnect wireless multiplexer, such as information, configuration, self-diagnosis, and software updates. In addition, SDconnect offers a display, four control buttons and two LED displays for information on the current operating condition. An acoustic signal warns the user if he is leaving the wireless range of the workshop with the mobile unit. The unit’s self$diagnosis capabilities have also been improved. This enables the user to better detect possible malfunctions of the multiplexer.

Very last days, my Mercedes Benz is broken down yet again, I notify him over it, but he was gone aboard on a online business journey. But he advised me a fantastic obd2 Auto diagnostic scanner named MB STAR Compact C4 diagnostic tool, it is always the primary time I listened to OBD2 automobile diagnostic scanner. I lookup in the the web, then I regarded that mb sd c4 is truly a experienced automobile diagnostic scanner for MB, the more advice with regards to the MB star c4 is current from MB star c3. This sort of MB star c4 would be the latest produced which happens to be supported wireless diagnose. It’s going to considerably more effortless than C3. The MB star C4 covers the full functionality of C3. The supported platform is home windows XP, that include WIS process, DAS structure, and motion administration application. Now I’ve bought this sort of MB star compact C4 diagnostic tool, then I would like to convey it is actually somewhat a top notch automobile diagnostic scanner.

The DAS on the desktop is only English available, after enter into Xentry you are allowed to set the language you want. Just enter into Xentry whatever car models you want to diagnose, and if the car model should be diagnosed and programmed in the DAS but you enter Xentry, it will automatically switch into DAS and the DAS language will be as the same as the Xentry language

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