Instruction of installing Xentry keymaker for MB Star C4

Regarding the C4 Xentry active problem appear to many customer. Many customer buy the machine MB Star SD Connect C4 when they use it to test car or trucks, there are many small problems trouble to them. Customer who is the first time to buy the Mercedes Benz Star C4, they usually don’t know how to use it correctly, now we show you how to solve this problem easily.

Important notice for SD Connect C4 Xentry :
The xentry only can be cracked on the same 1 computer , if change computer, need active again.
And please make sure the date in the computer system before the date of the software.
First step
before use xentry keymaker, when you open xentry, it shows

Please follow below steps
open the “ star Utilites “ it shows as below

open “ xentry manager “
3. choose “ xentry diagnositcs “

And it shows as below

4. then open “Xentry Keymaker LT 1.0 “ ( keep the xentry open )

5. key in the information as below , then hit generate

And will generate the licence string, then copy it

And paste it to “ starkey “ of xentry as below

Then hit save

Now done.
6. Open xentry

Now enter into xentry

Now the MB Star C4 with the latest software 2015.05 HDD you can choose the external HDD or the Dell630 HDD. More details please check this:

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