Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker Key Programmer Update Online

Lonsdor KH100 Remote Maker Key Programmer Update Online

1.Auto key Programmer Lonsodr KH100 Adopts traditional and modern handheld process design in line with the operating habit of hte public users

2.It has all the function you can find in similar products

3.Meanwhile,powerful optimization and upgrade on the hardware bring more convenience to operators.

Lonsdor KH100 Features:

1.All-around Functions:  Basically cover all

2.Built-in Super Sensor: No interference within 1m when collect data

3.Help Notes: Diagram & text makes operation easier

4.WiFi Module:  Networking one-click update

Lonsdor KH 100 Function List:

1.Identify Copy

2.Chip Simulation

3.Remote Generation

4.Remote Frequency

5.Access Control Key

6.Chip Generation

7.Coil Identification

8.Special Function


Identify/copy/generate chip:

Multi-vendor chips supported

Especially Toyota 8A(H) chip copy


Simulate Chip:

Able to simulate 4D/46/48 chips

With built-in super sensory data collector(no interference within 1 meter when collecting data)


Generate remote/smart key:

Dedicated connector to generate remote/smart key Online update supported

Remote generation diagram


Smart key generation diagram


Dedicated connector to generate remote key:PS2-7Pin OD3.5


Access control/remote frequency

One-click identify and copy IC/ID cards

Copy multi-vendor chops

Detect remote frequency bands with high accuracy

One click identify ID card,able to copy multi-vendor chps,at the back sensor area


Detect super frequency

Detect multiple frequency brands with high accuracy


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