Porsche PT3G License Invalid or Expired on VXDIAG VCX SE

If you have trouble in using VXDIAG VCX SE for BENZ DONet to install the driver of Porsche Piwis3, please try to find the solution in this post.


I recently got the vxdiag vcx se for Benz and 2TB hard drive and i heard it has the possibility to use other car brand software via DONET remote diagnosis.

I attempted to mount the driver of Porsche Piwis3 on the vcx se Benz DONet. Nevertheless, an error message “The Device license for this application is invalid or expired! Please contact your dealer!” appeared. Please look at the following picture.

Could you help me?


Porsche PIWIS III software license has not been activated on your vcx se.

Your 2tb HDD does not contain PIWIS3 (PT3G) license.

VXDIAG VCX SE for BENZ DONet can add Porsche Piwis3 authorization.

You are required to purchase PIWIS III software license so you can install driver to the vcx se.

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